Coincidence, or Cosmic Mischief?

I like to think I’m a rational person, believing in science, and the common theories about how this world came about. (Random chance, near as I understand.)

Let me tell you a story.  There is a woman, we used to be friends, now, not so much.  Some might say I don’t have a healthy detachment from what once was.  Some might say I refuse to let anything go.

In early March I got the impression that something unexpected had taken place, and recently confirmed it.

I changed employers a year ago, my new employer moved to a new commercial plaza 8 months ago. Turns out that the woman’s employer also moved within the last year or so, 25km from the previous location, and farther away from where their customers are likely to be (though it’s a specialized industry).

Her employer moved. To the same plaza as mine did.

The one person that I want to talk with and spend time with more than anyone else, now works 150 feet from me, across the parking lot.

I find that more than a little unlikely and unexpected. And well beyond what I think of as the range of ordinary chance happenings.

Makes me wonder if God, or Loki, is playing a practical joke on me.

Thanks a lot guys.

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